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I am Max, excited about Blockchain technologies and real-world use-cases especially in financial fields. Analysing ICOs.

Is Regulation necessary for ICOs to succeed?

Regulation is often seen as an obstacle for Blockchain projects. Since their aim often is to cut out specific intermediaries in processes or networks, a regulatory party is usually not a well-seen participant in it. On the other hand, the current situation shows that regulation could sometimes help to overcome issues related to the right

Is Regulation necessary for ICOs to succeed?2017-11-09T03:13:38+01:00

Why the “Blockchain First” approach in ICOs is misleading

ICOs are one of the hottest topics Venture Capitalists are diving in right now – not only shown by the increasing number of organized Tokensales and their raised volume. Though, I am doubting the rationality of the approach many ICOs are following when they are selling their idea to the market.

Why the “Blockchain First” approach in ICOs is misleading2017-11-09T03:13:20+01:00