Months of work, hundreds of people, dozens of conferences and travels and STO projects: I am proud to announce that my new book Assets on Blockchain is available on Amazon now. Read the condensed version about every aspect surrounding security tokens.

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What is Assets on Blockchain about?

Assets on Blockchain guides people through every single topic in the realm of tokenized assets and the way the Blockchain forces the financial industry to change.

Instead of just separately diving into different topics, I invested the extra effort to create a procedural view on STOs. The chapter “STO process” hence shows how projects start with a business idea or the need for money to be raised, which steps they go through and how they are reaching the goal of getting funded.

Why should I read it?

There are a lot of hype, misinformation and uneducated “Advisors” surrounding the topic of STOs. The book takes you by your hand and depicts the topics in an objective way and leaves away the hype and buzzwords. It focuses on making security tokens understandable for you and giving startups, as well as businesses and enterprises, an idea of how the process of tokenization works, why it is important and why some people might need to radically change their business model in the future.

How can I get it?

You can order your copy of the book both as a digital or a print version on Amazon. The print version gives you the best experience to read it with the graphics included all over the book.


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